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Baross Gábor Street - Győr, Hungary
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Miscellaneous photos - Mátészalka, Hungary

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GPS coordinates: Latitude 47°57'14", Longitude 22°19'11" (N47 57.23 - E22 19.18) Map

Information, short stories, interesting facts

Bronze griffin water spout sculpture on the ""Seven chieftains of the Magyars" fountain - Mátészalka, Hungary Bronze griffin water spout sculpture on the ""Seven chieftains of the Magyars" fountain

The griffin (aka griffon or gryphon) is a mythological or legendary creature with the body of a lion, as well as the wings, head and talons (on the forelimbs) of an eagle. Some scientists believe that the "animal" was created in the ancient people's mind based on a skull of a Protoceratops herbivorous dinosaur, which was found in gold mines in Central Asia, in the area of the present-day Kazakhstan. The Protoceratops was a so-called "beaked" dinosaur, a smaller ancestor of the well-known triple-horned Triceratops. This "beak" looked like the toothless, sharp mouth of the turtles and was used to graze the vegetation.

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