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Ghid de călătorie - O selecție aleatorie a conținutului Ghid de călătorie - O selecție aleatorie a conținutului
The Old Castle and the Old Lake - Tata, Ungaria
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Józsefváros, Palotanegyed ("Palace District") - Budapesta, Ungaria

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Coordonatele GPS: Latitudine 47°29'26", Longitudine 19°3'49" (N47 29.43 - E19 3.82) Hartă

Informații, povestiri scurte, fapte interesante

The pediment of the main building of the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) Faculty of Humanities (BTK) with a triangular tympanum, including the "Mineralogy" sculpture group - Budapesta, Ungaria The pediment of the main building of the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) Faculty of Humanities (BTK) with a triangular tympanum, including the "Mineralogy" sculpture group

The building at 4 Múzeum Boulevard was designed by Antal Wéber in 1884, initially it was the Institute of Zoology and Mineralogy, the "Zoology" and "Mineralogy" sculpture groups inside the tympanums still refer to it (sculpted by Leó Fessler in 1895). The palace is today the "A" building of the Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Humanities (ELTE-BTK). The Eötvös Loránd University is the oldest continuously operating university today and the largest one as well, it was founded in 1635.

Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) Faculty of Humanities (BTK) - Budapesta, Ungaria Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) Faculty of Humanities (BTK)

The Zsolnay-majolica-decorated Italian neo-renaissance style palace was built between 1880-1882, designed by Imre Steindl. This was home of the reorganized technical university (the Royal Joseph Technical University, founded in 1871, legal successor of the Joseph Polytechnic of Buda) until the opening of the Technical University of Budapest ("Műegyetem") building of architect Alajos Hauszmann on the Buda bank of the Danube in 1909.

Hungarian National Museum (in Hungarian "Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum") - Budapesta, Ungaria Hungarian National Museum (in Hungarian "Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum")

The neoclassical style Hungarian National Museum (in Hungarian "Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum") building was designed by Mihály Pollack, it was built between 1837-1847. The museum was founded by Count Ferenc Széchényi. Interestingly the Festetics Palace of Dég almost seems to be the twin building of the National Museum, and not just by accident: the mansion in Dég village was also designed by Mihály Pollack and built between 1810-1815.

The portico (a type of colonnade, opened entry hall with columns) of Hungarian National Museum - Budapesta, Ungaria The portico (a type of colonnade, opened entry hall with columns) of Hungarian National Museum

The decoration statues in the tympanum on the facade of the National Museum were created by Rafael Monti sculpter from Milan, Italy, based on the ideas of Ludwig Schaller sculptor from Munich, Germany. The seated female figure of Pannonia holds laurel wreaths in her hands, and gives them to two allegorical persons: the figure of the science and art on the right, and the symbolic person of the history and fame on the left. The figures in the corners of the triangle represent the Danube and the Drava rivers.

Memorial of János Arany Hungarian poet and writer - Budapesta, Ungaria Memorial of János Arany Hungarian poet and writer

The bronze memorial of the Hungarian poet János Arany was made by Alajos Strobl in 1893. On the pedestal there are characters from the Toldi trilogy, epic poem of János Arany: Piroska Rozgonyi on the left and Miklós Toldi on the right. The pedestal of the statue group was created by Albert Schickedanz, the monument is standing in front of the National Museum.

Memorial of Sándor Kisfaludy Hungarian lyric poet - Budapesta, Ungaria Memorial of Sándor Kisfaludy Hungarian lyric poet

The so-called "Himfy Lyre" (in Hungarian "Himfy-lant") sculpture was created by Döme Petrovics in memory of the Hungarian writer Sándor Kisfaludy (1772-1844), erected by the "Ladies of Hungary and Transylvania" in 1848. It was placed onto the current red marble pedestal in 1903. Beside the bronze eagle figure there was also the eponymous lyre sculpture, but it was fallen and lost in 1944.

"Himfy" was the pen name (pseudonym) of Sándor Kisfaludy author, the name of the memorial refers to this. This name has been well known shortly and the writer became a public idol. Also he was member of the Kisfaludy Society, a literary society that was founded by an authors' fellowship in 1836 in memory of his younger brother Károly Kisfaludy (1788-1830) dramatist and artist who was died from tuberculosis. Moreover, there is another statue of Sándor Kisfaludy in Balatonfüred town.

Justitia Fountain (also known as the "Fountain of the Hungarian Truth") - Budapesta, Ungaria Justitia Fountain (also known as the "Fountain of the Hungarian Truth")

The Justitia Fountain is made of bronze and limestone, created by István Szentgyörgyi in 1929 in honor of the British Lord Rothermere.

Harold Sidney Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Rothermere (1868-1940) was a British newspaper proprietor and politician, as well as among others the supporter of the the Hungarian revisionist aspirations. His aim was to call the world's attention for the situation of Hungary and the Hungarian people after the Treaty of Trianon, moreover he had concrete proposals and detailed plans considering the reannexation of some of the lost territiories. Treaty of Trianon closed the First World War for Hungary, when entered into force in 4 June 1920 the country lost two-thirds of both its area and population, as well as millions of Hungarians found themselves outside of the new borders.

Wenckheim Palace - Budapesta, Ungaria Wenckheim Palace

The neo-baroque (with some neo-renaissance elements) style Wenckheim Palace is now and since 1931 the main building of the Metropolitan Szabó Ervin Library (in Hungarian "Fővárosi Szabó Ervin Könyvtár"). The palace was built between 1886-1889, architect: Artúr Meinig. The wrought-iron gates of the current grand entrance and the lamp posts were made by Gyula Jungfer in 1897.

Pagina principală din Budapesta

Budapesta - Mai multe galerii foto:

Angyalföld, Lehel Street (46 poze) Angyalföld, miscellaneous pictures (52 poze) Downtown or Inner City (Belváros district) (55 poze) Downtown (Belváros district), riverbanks of Danube (75 poze) Downtown (Belváros district), Ferenciek tere (square) (63 poze) Downtown (Belváros district), Váci Street (69 poze) Downtown (Belváros district), Inner City Parish Church (59 poze) The Buda Hills in winter (26 poze) Budapest Park, Pet Shop Boys concert (80 poze) Campona Tropicarium Zoo and Oceanarium (32 poze) Elizabeth Bridge ("Erzsébet híd") (45 poze) The outer Danube bridges of Budapest (46 poze) Margaret Bridge ("Margit híd") (48 poze) Liberty Bridge (aka Freedom Bridge, "Szabadság híd") (36 poze) Széchenyi Chain Bridge ("Széchenyi Lánchíd") (39 poze) Great Danube Flood of 2006, photos until the peaking (189 poze) Great Danube Flood of 2006, photos after the peaking (77 poze) Riverbank of Danube, Buda side (76 poze) Riverbank of Danube, Pest side (92 poze) The icy Danube River (27 poze) Banks of the Danube, Red Bull Air Race Budapest (52 poze) Erzsébetváros, New York Palace and Café (44 poze) Erzsébetváros, Rózsák tere (square) (52 poze) Erzsébetváros, miscellaneous pictures (62 poze) Erzsébetváros, Synagogues (47 poze) Cozy restaurants and cafés (100 poze) Ferencváros, Riverbanks of Danube (30 poze) Ferencváros, Danube bank with the "Bálna" (44 poze) Ferencváros, Corvinus University of Budapest (34 poze) Ferencváros, Museum of the Applied Arts (28 poze) Ferencváros, Central Market Hall or Great Market Hall (Nagycsarnok) (41 poze) Ferencváros, Ráday Street (41 poze) Ferencváros, miscellaneous pictures (57 poze) Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (former Ferihegy Airport) (111 poze) Gellért Bath spa and thermal bath (75 poze) Gellért Hill and surroundings (127 poze) Heroes' Square ("Hősök tere") (103 poze) Heroes' Square ("Hősök tere"), concert of the Omega and the Scorpions bands (80 poze) Buda Hills: János Hill, Elisabeth Lookout Tower (79 poze) Józsefváros, Keleti Railway Station (115 poze) Józsefváros, Urania National Film Theatre (32 poze) Józsefváros, vegyes képek (38 poze) Aquaworld water park, the indoor adventure pools in the evening (17 poze) Small Boulevard ("Kiskörút") (78 poze) Kopaszi Dike, Öböl Park ("Bay Park") (61 poze) Lipótváros, Deák Square and surroundings (60 poze) Lipótváros, riverbank of Danube (50 poze) Lipótváros, the Kossuth Square and the Hungarian Parliament Building at night (57 poze) Hungarian Parliament Building ("Országház") and surroundings (85 poze) Szabadság Square and surroundings (134 poze) Gresham Palace (33 poze) St. Stephen's Basilica ("Szent István-bazilika") (64 poze) Christmas fair at the St. Stephen's Basilica (27 poze) Lipótváros, miscellaneous photos (58 poze) Lipótváros, Vörösmarty Square and surroundings (69 poze) Margaret Island ("Margit-sziget"), southern part (69 poze) Margaret Island ("Margit-sziget"), northern part (72 poze) Mátyásföld, Erzsébet-liget ("Elisabeth Park") (89 poze) Mátyásföld, Children's Day picnic in the Erzsébet-liget ("Elizabeth Park") (105 poze) Cinkota Forest (31 poze) Grand Boulevard ("Nagykörút") (113 poze) Nagytétény, Száraz-Rudnyánszky Castle and Museum (67 poze) Népsziget ("People's Island") (31 poze) Óbuda and its surroundings (85 poze) Óbuda, Banks of River Danube, Római Beach (Római-part) (105 poze) Örs vezér tere (square) (44 poze) Rákóczi Avenue (51 poze) Rákospalota (10 poze) Terézváros, Andrássy Avenue, "the aristocrat of the roads" (103 poze) Terézváros, Andrássy Avenue, Hungarian State Opera House (44 poze) Terézváros, Liszt Ferenc Square and surroundings (51 poze) Terézváros, Nyugati Square (60 poze) Terézváros, miscellaneous pictures (47 poze) Hungarian Natural History Museum, Giants of Patagonia - Dinosaurs of Argentina (43 poze) Hungarian Natural History Museum (40 poze) Újpest, harbor on the Danube bank (63 poze) Újpest, district center (97 poze) Újpest, miscellaneous photos (54 poze) Buda Castle quarter, Royal Palace (140 poze) Buda Castle quarter, Fisherman's Bastion and Matthias Church (112 poze) Buda Castle quarter, miscellaneous photos (197 poze) City Park ("Városliget"), Budapest Zoo: African Savannah Zone (60 poze) City Park ("Városliget"), Budapest Zoo: Aquarium (60 poze) City Park ("Városliget"), Budapest Zoo: Australia House (53 poze) City Park ("Városliget"), Budapest Zoo: architecture, listed buildings (109 poze) City Park ("Városliget"), Budapest Zoo: Primates (55 poze) City Park ("Városliget"), Budapest Zoo: the kids' favorites (42 poze) City Park ("Városliget"), Budapest Zoo: Little Rock (79 poze) City Park ("Városliget"), Budapest Zoo: Great Rock, the "Magical Hill" (98 poze) City Park ("Városliget"), Budapest Zoo: Great Lake and the Japanese Garden (76 poze) City Park ("Városliget"), Budapest Zoo: America Tropicana (Palm-house) (77 poze) City Park ("Városliget"), Budapest Zoo: (121 poze) City Park ("Városliget"), Állatkerti körút ("Zoo Boulevard") (49 poze) City Park ("Városliget"), the old theme park (55 poze) City Park ("Városliget"), Széchenyi Bath thermal bath and spa (70 poze) City Park ("Városliget"), City Park Lake (132 poze) City Park ("Városliget"), Vajdahunyad Castle (104 poze) City Park ("Városliget"), Olof Palme House (27 poze) City Park ("Városliget"), miscellaneous photos (170 poze) Zugló, Herminamező (76 poze) Zugló, Istvánmező (111 poze) Zugló, Istvánmező, Stefánia Palace and Honvéd Cultural Center (100 poze) Erzsébetváros, University of Veterinary Medicine ("Állatorvostudományi Egyetem") (21 poze) Terézváros, the Andrássy Avenue in early spring (125 poze) Lipótváros, the reconstructed Kossuth Square (75 poze) Óbuda, Aquincum, Graphisoft Park (54 poze) "The Great Race 2015" air show in the downtown over the Danube River (64 poze) Óbuda, Aquincum, Danube bank (48 poze) The Buda Hills in autumn (125 poze) Buda Castle Bazaar, Gardens and Pavilion ("Várkert-bazár" or "Várbazár") (149 poze) Danube bank of Buda, Batthyány Square (61 poze) Danube bank of Buda, Clark Ádám Square (49 poze) Budapest-Déli Railway Terminal (31 poze) Buda, Széll Kálmán Square (former Moszkva Square) (81 poze) Újpest, Farkas Forest (95 poze) Labyrinth of Buda Castle (15 poze) Zugló, Istvánmező, Stefánia Avenue (149 poze) Erzsébetváros, "Party district" ("Bulinegyed") by night (98 poze) Mátyásföld, Bike path along Szilas Brook (Szilas-patak) (58 poze) Buda Castle Quarter by night (42 poze) Downtown, Sightseeing boat trip on the Danube by night (30 poze)  
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