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Lakeside of the Balaton, Wesselényi beach - Balatonalmádi, Ungarn
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Europa > Ungarn > Sydlige ungarske slette
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Sydlige ungarske slette (Dél-Alföld), Ungarn

This is a typical Hungarian area, an endless plain as far as the eye can see. Odd as it may seem, the puszta (Hungarian word for a huge and uncultivated plain) offers a wide range of sights such as unique flora and fauna, a peculiar life style and folk art.

The population of the area has always lived on animal husbandry, agriculture or fishing due to the numerous rivers. Vast studs and herds can still be seen here. In some places it is also possible to get a close look at the traditional life style of shepherds, see them in their costumes, listen to their folk songs or taste their food.

Besides the pastures of this huge territory, wheat fields stretch as far as the eye can see. Here and there small farm houses, showing the last traces of a disappearing lifestyle, interrupt the view. Although this way of life is on the verge of vanishing, you can still find a high standard of accommodation established on several farms, which provide the guests with a special experience.

The huge plain is split into parts by the largest Hungarian rivers, on the banks of which beautiful flood plains and backwaters have formed. During the summer season, on the drying-up fields, sodaic lakes sparkle in the sunshine. The waters give habitat and shelter to special species of birds, which can be seen in certain National Parks or in bird reserves. Yet not only ornithologists are fond of this place, but anglers can also enjoy the undisturbed quiet and tranquillity beside lakes full of fish.

Those who prefer physical activities can take part in horse tours on the puszta. One can also discover the region by bicycle without having to cope with any serious gradients; or even go canoeing on quiet rivers. And last but not least the Southern Great Plain takes pride in its numerous spas, where not only the medicinal effect of thermal water can be enjoyed, but different forms of entertainment are also available.

The mysterious hills (kunhalom in Hungarian) are a special attraction of the area. They emerge from the flat landscape like earth pyramids; and it is also believed that they were built with a similar purpose to the pyramids, namely to use them as a burial ground.

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GPS-koordinater: Bredde 46°41'0", Længde 20°11'14" (N46 41 - E20 11.23)

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Bács-Kiskun megye (county) Békés megye (county) Csongrád megye (county)  

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Hódmezővásárhely Kecskemét Békéscsaba Szeged  

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Kiskunfélegyháza Gyula Szarvas  

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