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Cseke-see - Tata (Totis), Ungarn
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The snow-covered Old Town in winter - Szentendre (Sankt Andrä), Ungarn

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GPS-Koordinaten: Breiten 47°40'4", Längengrad 19°4'32" (N47 40.07 - E19 4.53)

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The serbian orthodox Belgrade Church (in Serbian Саборна црква or Saborna crkva) - Szentendre (Sankt Andrä), Ungarn The serbian orthodox Belgrade Church (in Serbian Саборна црква or Saborna crkva)

The garden of the Belgrade Church in Szentendre is also the final resting place of the Serbian-Hungarian composer and folk music collector Tihamér Vujicsics (in Serbian Тихомир Вујичић, 1929-1975), who was born in the neighboring Pomáz town and died a tragic death in a plane crash at Damascus, Syria. He was the composer of more well-known Hungarian film productions. For example he composed the music of the "A Tenkes kapitánya" ("The captain of the Tenkes"), the "Bors" or the "Princ, a katona" ("Princ, the soldier") TV film series, or the "A dunai hajós" ("The Danube Pilot") adventure movie from 1974 based on the novel by Jules Verne.

Statue of Saint Lazar of Serbia (Lazar Hrebeljanović) Serbian prince and tsar in the garden of the Belgrade Church - Szentendre (Sankt Andrä), Ungarn Statue of Saint Lazar of Serbia (Lazar Hrebeljanović) Serbian prince and tsar in the garden of the Belgrade Church

Created by Nebojša Mitrić in 1989

The Serbian ruler Prince Lazar Hrebeljanović (or Tsar Lazar of Serbia, ca.1329-1389) was one of the supreme leaders in the Battle of Kosovo Polje in 1389, the battle that seriously determined the medieval history of the Balkan Peninsula. After the Serbian troops were defeated by the Ottoman Empire the prince was beheaded. However, the Serbs took his corpse and placed it firstly in Pristina, then in Ravanica, and in 1690 in Szentendre, Hungary in a wooden church. The saint ruler of the Serbs arrived to his final resting place into the Ravanica Monastery in 1699, after the so-called Peace or Treaty of Karlowitz.

The Roman Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist (sometimes called Castle Church) - Szentendre (Sankt Andrä), Ungarn The Roman Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist (sometimes called Castle Church)

The central part (the nave) of the St. John the Baptist's Roman Catholic Parish Church on the Church Hill was originally built between 1241-1283, but the ispán (count or steward) of Visegrád had it demolished and it was rebuilt only in the 14th century, now in gothic style. Some sources says that the church was initially dedicated to St. Andrew the Apostle (in Hungarian "Szent András") and the settlement received its name after this church. But there is a fact that makes it questionable. The settlement was called "Sanctus Andreas" already in the age of King Géza II of Hungary in the mid-12th century, when this church wasn't here yet. However, on its place probably there was already a romanesque style church whose patron saint was really Saint Andrew. So it is almost sure that the present-day Szentendre town didn't receive its name after the current church on the Church Hill or Castle Hill (in Hungarian "Templomdomb" or "Várdomb"), but after its 12th-century predecessor. But regardless, the current Parish Church of St. John the Baptist (in Hungarian "Keresztelő Szent János-plébániatemplom") is still the oldest building of Szentendre, and largely determines the image of the town as well.

 - Szentendre (Sankt Andrä), Ungarn On the side of the Blagovestenska Church near the entrance in the wall there is the red marble tombstone from 1759 of the Greek merchant Demeter Tolojanni, who was died when he was 48. The Blagovestenska Church is often called "Greek Church" due to the Greek inscription on this gravestone.

Hauptseite von Szentendre (Sankt Andrä)

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