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Europe > Hungary > Balaton > Balatonalmádi
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Balatonalmádi, Hungary


A pearl at the northern side

A pearl at the northern side

of Lake Balaton

of Lake Balaton

Balatonalmádi is one of the largest settlements on the northern side of the lake close to Budapest and Veszprém. The huge beach and cultural events in summer make the city a favourite destination for those who would like to holiday at Lake Balaton.

Balatonalmádi, Hungary

One reason for its popularity may be found in its versatility. Its beach is properly built up to a high standard and its night life is colourful. In the parks, decorated with plenty of flowers, several people can be seen eating ice-cream during a nice walk and no one feels like going home.

Balatonalmádi, Hungary

The city was born with the fusion of four, still clearly separate settlements. The largest and oldest is situated on the northern part, it is called Vörösberény. Another small ex-settlement, from which the city got his name, Balatonalmádi was part of the chapter of Veszprém; and the remaining two are Káptalanfüred and Budatava.

There are still plenty of things worthy of being discovered in the surrounding mountainous and hilly area. For hiking the most appropriate destination is Malom Valley and Vödör Valley. For further information about rock or vegetation visit the geological and botanical Vörös Homokkő (in English the Hungarian name means Red Sandstone) Study Path. The Study Path which is six kilometres long starts in the city centre and eventually reaches the Óvári look-out tower.

Balatonalmádi, Hungary

The fortificated church (Erődtemplom)

Local postcards often depict the medieval Calvinist church of Vörösberény built in 1297, which is the only intact fortress church of the Balaton Uplands. Its thin, buttressed and crenellated walls with the typical tower appeal to everyone heading for Veszprém.

St Right Hand Chapel (Szent Jobb-kápolna)

A peculiarity of the city is the St. Right Hand Chapel, which was transported here from the Buda Castle in small parts. Visitors can have a look at the famous gold mosaic made by Miksa Róth.

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Europe (Continent)  >  Hungary (Country)  >  Balaton (Tourist region)  >  Veszprém megye (county) (County or province)

GPS coordinates: Latitude 47°1'43", Longitude 18°0'55" (N47 1.72 - E18 0.92)

Balatonalmádi - Photo album, picture galleries (61 photos / 2 galleries)

Balatonalmádi - Panoramic images (2 photos)

Lakeside of the Balaton, Wesselényi beach - Balatonalmádi, Hungary
Lakeside of the Balaton, Wesselényi beach
Lakeside of the Balaton, Wesselényi beach - Balatonalmádi, Hungary
Lakeside of the Balaton, Wesselényi beach

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