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Margaret Island (Margit-sziget), Shady mall - Budapest, Hungary
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Other photos - Gödöllő, Hungary

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GPS coordinates: Latitude 47°35'50", Longitude 19°20'49" (N47 35.83 - E19 20.82)

Information, short stories, interesting facts

Lutheran (evangelical) Church of Gödöllő - Gödöllő, Hungary Lutheran (evangelical) Church of Gödöllő

At the end of the 18th century there were just 52 persons, two percent of the population Lutheran in Gödöllő town. Then at the turn of the centuries there were 140 persons, and after the First World War already 350 persons, so in 1926 raised the idea of building a church for them. The church was finally built up by the plans of Frigyes Hetzel, it was consecrated in 1931.

Statue of Sándor Petőfi Hungarian poet and liberal revolutionist in front of the Lutheran (evangelical) Church - Gödöllő, Hungary Statue of Sándor Petőfi Hungarian poet and liberal revolutionist in front of the Lutheran (evangelical) Church

On the occasion of the hundred-year anniversary of the Hungarain Revolution and Independence War of 1848-1849 there were many Petőfi statues and memorials erected throughout the country. This statue in Gödöllő was created by István Turáni Kovács in 1955.

Sándor Petőfi Hungarian poet (1823-1849) was born as Alexander Petrovics in a Slovak family in Kiskőrös town in the Southern Alföld (Hungarian Great Plain). So contrary to popular belief he wasn't Serbian-born but Slovak-born, and despite it he declared himself as Hungarian. Petőfi was connected to Gödöllő town by multiple threads. When he stayed here in 1843 he was working on the translation of the Robin Hood. In 1845 by his Reformed pastor friend he met Berta Mednyánszky, the daughter of the steward of the Grassalkovich family. After he returned home he sent a marriage proposal to Berta by mail, but Berta's father rejected it. The "Szerelem gyöngyei" ("Pearls of Love") poem cycle of Petőfi was written to Berta Mednyánszky.

Sculpture of a boy scout - Gödöllő, Hungary Sculpture of a boy scout

The original statue was erected in 1943 for the 10th anniversary of the 4th World Scout Jamboree of 1933, which was held in Gödöllő. That statue was created by the Hungarian sculptor Lőrinc Siklódy and removed in 1948, after the scout movement was discontinued in Hungary. The current statue was created in 1993-1994 (on the 60th anniversary of the jamboree) from public subscription, it is the enlarged version of the "Boy scout" statuette of Zsigmond Kisfaludi Strobl from 1929 and sculpted by István Paál (one of the students of Kisfaludi Strobl).

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