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Roman Catholic Episcopal Cathedral of King St. Stephen - Székesfehérvár, Hungary
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Landscapes - Mogyoród, Hungary

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GPS coordinates: Latitude 47°35'40", Longitude 19°15'31" (N47 35.67 - E19 15.52)

Information, short stories, interesting facts

Veteran Li-2 twin-engine aircraft - Mogyoród, Hungary Veteran Li-2 twin-engine aircraft

The HA-LIX marked Soviet-made Li-2 aircraft was put into operation by the Magyar Néphadsereg ("Hungarian People's Army") in 1949. In 1958 the plane was transferred into the fleet of MALÉV Hungarian Airlines, and modified to a 14-seat passenger aircraft. Later it was given back to the army, then in 1974 it was retired and placed into a museum. At the end of 1990s the plane was renovated and in 2001 it flied again. The airplane got back this authentic MALÉV painting in 2008.

The Soviet-made Lisunov Li-2 aircraft is based on the american Douglas DC-3, with which it is identical, apart from some minor modifications. The soviets purchased the licence of the airplane from the USA in 1936, and the production in the Soviet Union began in the next year.

Part of the panorama of Budapest, viewed from Somlyó Hill at Mogyoród - Mogyoród, Hungary Part of the panorama of Budapest, viewed from Somlyó Hill at Mogyoród

The St. Stephen's Basilica, Buda Palace and the 266 m high Sas Hill of Budapest is clearly visible in the distance.

In clear weather conditions the entire panorama of Budapest can be discovered in the distance. Among others Gellért Hill with the Liberty Statue, the white pillars of Elisabeth Bridge, the Buda Palace, the Matthias Church, the St. Stephen's Basilica, the Hungarian Parliament, etc., so practically every higher building and hill is clearly visible. The cliff of Gellért Hill with its 235 m is much smaller than Somlyó Hill of Mogyoród (Gyertyános), which is 326 m high. Perhaps that's why even the fireworks of the national holiday in 20 August is perfectly enjoyable from here, the Somlyó Hill.

Double rainbow - Mogyoród, Hungary Double rainbow

Interestingly in the case of a double rainbow the colors of the fainter secondary arc are in reversed order compared to the colors of the primary arc. However, this can be seen only in exceptional circumstances, because the secondary arc of the rainbow is always much fainter. The phenomenon is formed on sufficiently large water drops, when the rays of light reflect one more time, on the inner surface of the water droplets.The reflection causes the opposite order of the colors, and because the light must go on a little bit longer path the secondary arc of a rainbow is dimmer, thus rarer or more difficult to observe.

Especially colorful sundown over M3 highway - Mogyoród, Hungary Especially colorful sundown over M3 highway

The Kasatochi volcano was erupted in Alaska in August 2008, and its volcanic dust and gases reached Hungary on 30 August. The lot of volcanic sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere transformed into sulfuric acid aerosols, and this turned the color of the sunsets of the following days into beautiful shades.

In the distance the pillars of the 100 m high Megyeri Bridge can be seen, just one month before its inauguration.

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