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Cave of Istállóskő - Szilvásvárad, Hungary
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Downtown, riverbank - Jászberény, Hungary

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GPS coordinates: Latitude 47°30'5", Longitude 19°54'40" (N47 30.08 - E19 54.67)

Information, short stories, interesting facts

The Thermal Spa and Open-Air Bath of Jászberény, opened in 1964 - Jászberény, Hungary The Thermal Spa and Open-Air Bath of Jászberény, opened in 1964

The medicinal thermal water of the thermal bath of Jászberény contains alkaline hydrogen carbonate. From therapeutic point of view this is suitable and recommended primarily for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders (= locomotor disorders), cartilage lesions, mental and physical fatigue or exhaustion, as well as for aftercare (post treatment) of gynecological diseases.

 - Jászberény, Hungary Around the center of the picture behind the trees a bronze statue, the legs of a girl standing astride can be seen. The artwork is called "Standing girl", created by Imre Veszprémi in 1978.

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