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Roosevelt Square - Szeged, Hongarije
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Europa > Hongarije > Tiszameer
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Tiszameer (Tisza-tó), Hongarije

The lake has risen to the position of the most popular Hungarian bathing holiday destination. Visitors can immediately see its two completely different sides. On the one hand is the undisturbed habitat with large reeds and unique species of birds, voles, otters and different kinds of fish. On the other hand, farther away from the reeds, are the busy beaches with the possibility for water sports like water skiing, jet skiing and motor boating.

On the water ways and labyrinths of the reeds you can go along very quietly and get an insight into the life of the untouched flora and fauna. You can observe giant birds just taking flight, in the immediate environment, or the fish swimming right next to your boat. The reeds occupy such a large territory that, just like in woods, maps are indispensable or else you can easily get lost.

In some cases you can go along trackless backwaters, or even find a meadow or a hidden island. The water is covered with an unbroken layer of water lilies in some places. In other places ‘sulyom’ (water chestnut), for which wild boars are willing to swim great distances because of its sweet flavour, floats on the surface of the water.

The romantic network of winding backwaters, swift streams and deep inlets lead us to vast open waters. Here we can feel that where we are is the second largest lake in Hungary.

Diverse flora and fauna can be found not only on the area of the lake, but in the woods of the flood plains next to the shores as well. Wild boars and deer may appear for a second; or foxes, wild cats, musk voles and other small rodents can be spied creeping in the lush vegetation.

The beaches of the lakeside settlements represent a different world, where even loud entertainment can take place. Sunshine, sandy beaches, racing jet skis, motor boats, surfers and sailing boats plough through the water. By the way water craft with internal combustion engines are not allowed on Hungarian lakes, except for Lake Tisza, which means an extra attraction for the lovers of water sports.

The water at the beaches is shallow, warms up easily and is safe even for children. When night is closing in, life does not stop – musical events, concerts, programmes are available for visitors.

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Europa (Continent)  >  Hongarije (Land)

GPS-coördinaten: Breedtegraad 47°30'15", Lengtegraad 20°42'13" (N47 30.25 - E20 42.22)

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