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Balatonfüred, Ungarn


The first holiday centre

The first holiday centre

at Lake Balaton

at Lake Balaton

Balatonfüred is regarded as the capital of the northern side of Lake Balaton. In the Árpád era there used to be seven settlements in this area. The word ‘füred’ refers to a centuries-old bathing culture which is based on its carbonated springs. Although for most of the people bathing at Lake Balaton means going to the beach.

Balatonfüred, Ungarn

This was the very first settlement to be appointed a health resort. The first stone-built theatre of Transdanubia was set up here. It was the place from where the first steamboat trips on the lake departed; an initiative of Hungary’s famous politician, István Széchenyi. Last but not least the first sailing club of Hungary was founded here.

The carbonated water springs near the shore were known back in the 17th century. The tradition of bathing started to evolve at the beginning of the 18th century, when its water was pronounced to have medicinal effects. By this time a wooden bathing house had already been established, which was later succeeded by one made of stone, in which rooms were available for the guests.

Balatonfüred, Ungarn

In fact the city itself started to develop in the era of reforms, in the 19th century. This time, in the year of 1825 János Horváth organized the first Anna Ball in honour of his daughter, Anna Krisztina. The idea has become a tradition, the annual ball is held on the last Saturday of July. The main event of the night is the coronation of the Queen of the Ball. The Queen elect can be seen the next day appearing in the Main Street accompanied by the mayor in a carriage.

The wooden theatre functioned until 1836, when it was succeeded by the theatre of Sándor Kisfaludy, a major figure in Hungarian literature.

Balatonfüred, Ungarn

In the years after the Compromise (the agreement of reconciliation between Austria and Hungary in 1867) the city became the favourite venue of politicians and artists. This was the time when Balatonfüred actually began to prosper. Several wealthy people built private villas. The shores of the lake were banked up and the famous Tagore promenade was created.

The promenade and the surroundings of the port are still the centre of city life. Patios with intimate atmosphere and restaurants offering music stretch along the promenade, with lines of sailing boats tied up to the jetty. From here there is a fine view of the Benedictine Abbey of Tihany.

Balatonfüred, Ungarn

Famous villas

Among others the villa of the well-known novelist, Mór Jókai, can be found here. He wrote his famous novel “The Golden Man” here, which takes place partially in Balatonfüred. The villa nowadays serves as a museum exhibiting the writer’s personal belongings and furniture. The holiday home of actress Lujza Blaha, “the nightingale of the nation” can also be found here.

The Lóczy-cave (Lóczy-barlang)

Balatonfüred, Ungarn

The 120 metre-long cave is located at the end of Öreg-Hegy Street, it was discovered in 1882 and guided tours are available.

Koloska Valley (Koloska-völgy)

The most popular destination for excursions is the Koloska Valley, through which we can reach the Koloska Spring and the Jókai look-out tower.



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GPS-Koordinaten: Breddegrad 46°57'23", Lengdegrad 17°53'20" (N46 57.38 - E17 53.33)

Balatonfüred - Panoramabilder (2 bilder)

××Lakeside of the Balaton, port and jetty - Balatonfüred, Ungarn
Lakeside of the Balaton, port and jetty
××Lakeside of the Balaton, port and jetty - Balatonfüred, Ungarn
Lakeside of the Balaton, port and jetty

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