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Mogyoród, Угорщина


Home of the Formula One

Home of the Formula One

Hungarian Grand Prix

Hungarian Grand Prix

Mogyoród is a relatively small village with about 6000 inhabitants. However the settlement has beautiful location with the best panorama in the Gödöllő Hills. Its unique wine cellars and other cultural values, as well as Hungary’s most advanced racing circuit make Mogyoród a priority destination in the surroundings of Budapest.

Mogyoród, Угорщина

Mogyoród is a municipality in Pest County, located close to Budapest, to the northeast of the capital along the M3 motorway, in a valley of the Gödöllő Hills. The name of the village is related to the hungarian word “mogyoró”, which means hazelnut and the ancient hungarian word “mogyoród” meant: “reach in hazelnuts”. Nevertheless these days there are only very few native hazel bushes in the area of the settlement. As a curiosity one is located in the court of the parish.

Due to its fortunate location Mogyoród was already inhabited in the ancient and medieval times as well. There was an outstanding historical event here in 14 March 1074, that called the “Battle of Mogyoród”. Árpádian princes, Géza and Saint Ladislaus I won a decisive victory over king Solomon of Hungary (I. Salamon), who was supported by the german emperor. With this victory the princes abolished the feudal dependence of the emperor.

Mogyoród, Угорщина

In the memory of the event Saint Ladislaus I deployed benedictine monks in Mogyoród and founded an abbey here, this place is called today “Klastromdomb” (abbey hill). The first written records of the village are related to this battle, on the pages of Chronicon Pictum (also known as Chronica Hungarorum). The site of the former abbey is now a park with a monument.

In the following times the village was not among the significant settlements in the region, the people were dealing with agriculture (mostly wheat and grape) and with livestock breeding. In 1241 the mongol invasion reached Mogyoród and decimated the population. The 16th century brought Turkish rule and slow depopulation for the settlement. Later, after driving out the turks the people slowly came back to the village.

Mogyoród, Угорщина

Religion and tradition is very significant in the life of the people of Mogyoród. The most important person in the history of the village was king Saint Ladislaus I, who has two main memorials here: a bronze statue on the square named after the king and a wooden one in the lookout tower on the Somlyó Hill (aka Gyertyános Hill).

Szent László lookout tower and chapel

Mogyoród, Угорщина

Thanks to its good natural conditions the surrounding of Mogyoród is perfect for shorter or longer excursions, hiking, horse riding or in wintertime even for sledging.

One of the highest peaks of the hilly country is Somlyó Hill (Somlyó-hegy or Gyertyános, 326 m). Here stands the Szent László (Saint Ladislaus I, king of Hungary, 1040-1095) lookout tower and chapel, build in 2001, designed by hungarian architect Imre Makovecz. The tower gives a stunning view on the surroundings, the gentle hills, the villages, and the Hungaroring race circuit as well. In clear weather conditions even the main attractions of Budapest – eg. Gellért Hill, Buda Castle, etc. – can be seen from here.

Mogyoród, Угорщина

Saint Michael church

One of the main sights in Mogyoród is the Roman Catholic church, that is built up using the original stones of the medieval monastery and dedicated to St. Michael archangel. The wooden sculpture on the main altar is made in the 18th century by Károly Bebó hungarian sculptor. The baroque calvary on the cemetery hill is built in the same time. This oval layout building contains a circle shaped chapel, the three crosses held the statues of the crucified Christ and the two thieves.

Mogyoród, Угорщина

Events, traditions

On the main square there is a statue-fountain that refers to the cultural traditions of Mogyoród. It represents a couple dancing Hungarian folk dance, and was inaugurated in 2006 (made by Lajos Józsa). The village house was founded in 1995, at the local village day, so called “Szent László Hét” (“Saint Ladislaus Week”). It has a permanent local history exhibition with rich collection. Szent László Week is an important event in the life of Mogyoród, among others it offers concerts, child and culinary programs for all visitors.

Mogyoród, Угорщина

Wineries, viticulture

This event series also contains the “Apátsági Pincenapok” wine festival, it enriches the cultural life of the village since 2006.

There are approximately 300 wine cellars in the volcanic tuff rock. One of them is supposedly already have existed in 1074, the time of the “Battle of Mogyoród”. During the festival a lot of wineries open their doors wide to the visitors and offer full wines for tasting.

Mogyoród, Угорщина


Beside the historical sights the most popular attraction in Mogyoród is admittedly the Hungaroring racing circuit, home of the Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix. For the few days of the race event this village with only several thousand inhabitants becomes a colorful, multinational hundred-thousand people city. At the opening year, in 1986 this race was the first Formula-1 Grand Prix in Central and East Europe (and this is the only one in this region even today).

Mogyoród, Угорщина

Hungaroring also has a driving technique center, furthermore there are other major car and motor racing events here.

Aquarena aquatic park

In the summertime Aquarena water amusement park is a great opportunity to get refreshed. It is located close to Hungaroring race track and has the most slides among the aquaparks in Hungary. It has beautiful environment, the slides take advantage of the local terrain and blend into the hillside slopes almost in a natural way.

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Муніципалітет, село


Європа (Континент)  >  Угорщина (Країна)  >  Будапешт і його околиці (Центральна Угорщина) (Туристична область)  >  Пешт медьє (Графство, область)  >  Gödöllő Hills (Gödöllői-dombság) (Географічний регіон)

GPS координати: Широти 47°35'46", Довготи 19°14'10" (N47 35.77 - E19 14.17)

Mogyoród - Фотоальбом, фотографії, галереї зображень (1 516 фотографії / 19 галереї)

Село (161 фотографії)
 - Mogyoród, Угорщина Saint Michael Roman Catholic church (Szent Mihály templom) - Mogyoród, Угорщина Streetscape - Mogyoród, Угорщина  - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Wine cellars (26 фотографії)
New and renovated wine cellars - Mogyoród, Угорщина Fresh green grapevines and rose bushes in front of a wine cellar - Mogyoród, Угорщина Wine cellars - Mogyoród, Угорщина Row of snow white wine cellars with beautiful red rose shrub - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Horses (58 фотографії)
Little foal with mother - Mogyoród, Угорщина Spotted horses - Mogyoród, Угорщина Curious horses - Mogyoród, Угорщина Winter landscape with horses, with the M3 highway in the background - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Water park (46 фотографії)
 - Mogyoród, Угорщина  - Mogyoród, Угорщина  - Mogyoród, Угорщина View of the aquapark from Hungaroring - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Landscapes (153 фотографії)
Hill country of Mogyoród - Mogyoród, Угорщина View to Károlyi Palace and the yellow Roman Catholic church in Fót (town) from Gyertyános Hill (foreground: houses in Mogyoród) - Mogyoród, Угорщина Hot air balloon - Mogyoród, Угорщина Hiking trail - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Cemeteries (29 фотографії)
 - Mogyoród, Угорщина  - Mogyoród, Угорщина  - Mogyoród, Угорщина Carved szekely gate in the protestant cemetery - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Clouds, skyscapes (66 фотографії)
Burning clouds before sunset - Mogyoród, Угорщина Cloud blanket - Mogyoród, Угорщина Rainclouds in every shades of gray - Mogyoród, Угорщина  - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Other events (25 фотографії)
IV. Klastromhegyi Apátsági Pincenapok (Cloister Hill Abbey Wine Festival)  - Mogyoród, Угорщина Brass band of Nagykáta (IV. Klastromhegyi Apátsági Pincenapok wine festival) - Mogyoród, Угорщина Jakab Mihály folk song band (IV. Klastromhegyi Apátsági Pincenapok wine festival) - Mogyoród, Угорщина  - Mogyoród, Угорщина

Mogyoród - Панорамному зображенні (19 фотографії)

××Somlyó Hill (Gyertyános) - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Somlyó Hill (Gyertyános)
××Somlyó Hill (Gyertyános) - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Somlyó Hill (Gyertyános)
××Main Square, Small bridge over Mogyoródi Brook - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Main Square, Small bridge over Mogyoródi Brook
××Somlói Way, Wine festival - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Somlói Way, Wine festival
××Somlyó Hill, Szent László lookout tower - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Somlyó Hill, Szent László lookout tower
××Main Square, fountain - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Main Square, fountain
××Somlyó Hill, Szent László lookout tower - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Somlyó Hill, Szent László lookout tower
××Somlói út, wine cellars - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Somlói út, wine cellars
××Entrance of Aquaréna aquapark - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Entrance of Aquaréna aquapark
××Village house - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Village house
××Hungaroring, view from the upper parking lot - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Hungaroring, view from the upper parking lot
××Somlói út, wine cellars - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Somlói út, wine cellars
××Roman Catholic cemetery - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Roman Catholic cemetery
××Somlyó Hill (Gyertyános) - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Somlyó Hill (Gyertyános)
××Somlyó Hill (Gyertyános) - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Somlyó Hill (Gyertyános)
××Somlyó Hill (Gyertyános) - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Somlyó Hill (Gyertyános)
××Somlyó Hill (Gyertyános) - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Somlyó Hill (Gyertyános)
××Somlyó Hill (Gyertyános) - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Somlyó Hill (Gyertyános)
××Saint Michael Roman Catholic church - Mogyoród, Угорщина
Saint Michael Roman Catholic church

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