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Zrínyi Square, City Hall - Szigetvár, Hungary
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Much more photos (a total of 165 panoramic images) :
Szentendre, HungarySzentendre, Hungary
The Serbian ruler Prince Lazar Hrebeljanović (or Tsar Lazar of Serbia, ca.1329-1389) was one of the supreme leaders in the Battle of Kosovo Polje in 1389, the battle that seriously determined the medieval history of the Balkan Peninsula. After the Serbian troops were defeated by the Ottoman Empire the prince was beheaded. However, the Serbs took his corpse and placed it firstly in Pristina, then in Ravanica, and in 1690 in Szentendre, Hungary in a wooden church. The saint ruler of the Serbs a...
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Vác, HungaryVác, Hungary
The body of St. Hedwig (in Polish Jadwiga) was buried in Kraków, Poland, below the altar of the Wawel Cathedral. Not in the royal crypt because everybody was sure she will be canonized soon. But this happened only in 1997, thanks to Pope John Paul II (born as Karol Józef Wojtyła) the first Polish Bishop of Rome. Independently from this she was venerated as a saint already after her death, and she was always represented according to this.

Since 2006 St. Hedwig is the patron saint of t...

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Budapest, HungaryBudapest, Hungary
The Liberty Bridge (or Freedom Bridge, in Hungarian "Szabadság híd") is the shortest among the Danube bridges of Budapest. Before the World War II it was called Franz Joseph Bridge or Fővám Square Bridge ("Ferenc József híd" or "Fővám téri híd").

At the end of the World War II the bridge was blown up by the retreating German troops, like every other Danube bridge of Budapest. But the piers (more precisely the pylons) were remained intact and also the reparation of the middle section ...

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