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Benedictine Abbey of Tihany and Lake Balaton - Tihany, Hungary
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Much more photos (a total of 165 panoramic images) :
Vác, HungaryVác, Hungary
The Town Hall is considered the most significant baroque secular building of Vác. According to a map from 1680 formerly there was a Turkish bath building on its site, but a source from 1718 already shows a town hall here. The present-day building was built from 1730 until the visit of Empress Maria Theresa in 1764.

The central figure on the facade of the building is the statue of Justitia (or Iustitia, Lady Justice), the goddess of justice. There are two other female figures on both ...

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Budapest, HungaryBudapest, Hungary
The Hungarian Parliament Building ("Országház") in Budapest is an absolutely huge building, therefore it is not so easy to illuminate it in the evening, and also not cheap. Earlier just the dome and the arcades on the Danube side were illuminated. This was changed in 2011 on the national holiday on 20 August, when the new floodlight was turned on. On the west side that overlooks River Danube there are a total of 6821 new energy efficient luminaires, their total power requirement is not less t...
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Gödöllő, HungaryGödöllő, Hungary
On the occasion of the hundred-year anniversary of the Hungarain Revolution and Independence War of 1848-1849 there were many Petőfi statues and memorials erected throughout the country. This statue in Gödöllő was created by István Turáni Kovács in 1955.

Sándor Petőfi Hungarian poet (1823-1849) was born as Alexander Petrovics in a Slovak family in Kiskőrös town in the Southern Alföld (Hungarian Great Plain). So contrary to popular belief he wasn't Serbian-born but Slovak-born, and de...

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