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Europa > Ungern > Södra Transdanubien
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Södra Transdanubien (Dél-Dunántúl), Ungern

You will realise the beauty of this area when you cross the vast Somogy Hills and the Mecsek range and arrive at the Villányi Mountains, a wine growing region with a Mediterranean climate. But at this point it may not be clear to us how wonderful its cities are.

In Pécs there are Roman tombs and Turkish mosques. In the Baroque inner city of Szekszárd the smell of wine is blown by the wind. The historical district of Kaposvár offers lovely promenades with lots of oleanders. It is not difficult to immediately fall in love with these places. If you happen to come here, your camera will surely have no rest. The gently sloping hills, the waving wheat fields, vineyards, and plenty of sunshine will enchant you. It is worth wandering the area on foot so as to see the beauty of the landscape around you.

Duna-Dráva National Park is a nice destination, where they have managed to preserve the natural habitat of the flora and fauna; deer and wild-boars are everyday sights. You can take a nice walk in Gemenci Wood, or in the forests of Mecsek, where around one hundred caves are located. Twenty to thirty species of plants can be found here which are unique and are not indigenous in other parts of the Carpathian Basin.

Pécs is the largest city in the area, it is a cultural centre with numerous sights, famous places and programmes of events. The Roman tombs, which are a World Heritage site, are situated here. The most significant building of Turkish architecture, the former mosque which now serves as a church, is also located here.

Szekszárd is famous for its centuries old wine culture. Its wine festivals attract a great number of people, where – odd as it may seem – wine spills out of fountains. Its lovely houses serve as a perfect setting for these cultural events.

Recently Kaposvár has been discovered by many tourists, as there are ample sights like the famous theatre and the inner city. The main square with its gurgling fountain, the dainty church towering above it and the city hall, on the opposite side, have a pleasant small town atmosphere.

The wine growing region of Villány is one of the most famous in Hungary with its world champion wines and obviously leading wine growers. You really cannot leave this place without tasting its wines.

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Europa (Kontinent)  >  Ungern (Land)

GPS-koordinater: Latitud 46°18'46", Longitud 18°7'19" (N46 18.77 - E18 7.32)

Rekommenderade platser, resmål, destinationer

Geografiska regioner:
Mecsek Mountains  

Vinregioner, vindistrikten, vinodlingsområden:
Villány-Siklós vindistrikt  

Baranya megye (county) Tolna megye (county)  

Storstäder, stora städer:
Szekszárd Pécs Kaposvár  

Mindre städer, småstäder, små städer:
Paks Harkány Siklós Szigetvár Barcs  

Kommuner, byar:
Kakasd Nagyharsány Palkonya Villánykövesd Abaliget Magyaregregy Orfű  

Stadsdelar, distrikten:
Máriagyűd Püspökszentlászló  

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