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Kossuth Square, Nagytemplom (Old Church) - Kecskemét, Hungary
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Europe > Hungary > Central Transdanubia
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Central Transdanubia (Közép-Dunántúl), Hungary

There are several cities in this region which played an important role in Hungarian history. For example Székesfehérvár, Veszprém, Győr and Pápa, but this list is not complete of course, since there are plenty of cities where significant events took place and they still offer a great number of sights. Beside these beautiful cities, the popular bathing resort, Lake Velence is also located here, together with mountains like Bakony or Vértes, which are famous for their romantic woods and castles among other things.

Over a period of time, several settlements in the region from the Danube to the Bakony took advantage of the fact that the commercial roads, heading for the west, went through this area. Thus they could prosper more easily than other territories, farther out of the way.

Its cities can take pride in their intact inner cities, which are the favourite destination of tourists because of their Baroque buildings from the 18th century, winding streets, and intimate patios. Several universities can be found in these settlements, and they have a significant role in Hungarian cultural life. A great attraction is the number of famous festivals and cultural events which are held here.

The charming old cities are not the only sights here, but Lake Velence is also worth visiting as it can be easily reached from the direction of Budapest. Its water is shallower than that of Lake Balaton; it quickly warms up to be suitable for bathing and the beaches are equipped to similarly high standards. Sailing or surfing is possible, and no one will be short of activities.

It is also nice to spend some time in the neighbouring area as well, for instance in Velence Mountains, where you can find rocks several metres long. Some of them are famous for the fact that they are radio active.

Bakony is situated northward from Lake Balaton; it is characteristic of the region. The lovers of romantic places will surely be fond of its endless oak forests, lovely and gently sloping land, streams, castles and church ruins in the depths of the woods. These dark forests used to hide the famous outlaws of Bakony in the 19th century. They used to conceal themselves and their prey in caves in the woods.

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Europe (Continent)  >  Hungary (Country)

GPS coordinates: Latitude 47°15'44", Longitude 18°4'30" (N47 15.73 - E18 4.5)

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Geographical regions, areas:
Bakony Mountains  

Fejér megye (county) Komárom-Esztergom megye (county)  

Cities (including capital cities), big towns:
Székesfehérvár Tatabánya Veszprém  

Smaller towns, townlets:
Komárom Tata Ajka Sümeg Várpalota Zirc Martonvásár  

Municipalities, villages, hamlets:
Lajoskomárom Csesznek Dég Eplény Nádasdladány Tés  

Neighborhoods, town quarters, districts, boroughs:

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