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Esterhazy Palace - Fertőd, Hongarije
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Europa > Hongarije > Grote Laagvlakte - Noord
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Grote Laagvlakte - Noord (Észak-Alföld), Hongarije

Is there anybody who never heard about the puszta (Hungarian word for a large, endless plain), the outlaws (betyár), the Hortobágy National Park, the famous goulash soup or the numerous legends which arose from this endless region? Farm houses with white-washed walls, swipe wells, thundering wild herds, golden wheat fields and yellow sunflower meadows wait for visitors, enchanting them not only for one day, but perhaps for a lifetime.

At the south edge of the northern mountain range ends, the Northern Hungarian Great Plain emerges. After the cool woods of the mountains, you will find sunny open spaces with nothing to spoil your view.

Compared to other parts of Hungary the Great Plain is less densely populated, but its lovely villages attract plenty of visitors. The natural country environment, thatched cottages and tasty home-cooked food provide real charm for the lovers of rural tourism. Several exhibitions and folklore museums let you experience the life of the past. You can become acquainted with folklore architecture and traditional costumes; with the tools and everyday life of the people of the past. Hungarian folk dance and folk music are still popular.

At the horse shows of the puszta you will understand why Hungary is called a nation of horsemen. Here you will witness what the horseman and his horse are capable of. It is also possible to wander the area on horseback. But if you do not want to try this, you can get on a horse-drawn carriage.

You can meet such unique indigenous Hungarian species here like the ‘grey cow’ (szürkemarha), the racka sheep or the mangalica pig. These species are being re-discovered because of their intact ancient genome and healthy meat.

The rivers, backwaters, and marshy areas of the Great Plain are the habitat of various species of animals and the resting place of migrating birds, for the protection of which a National Park bird reserve has been established.

It is also true that the area of Northern Great Plain is not only worth visiting for its unspoilt natural environment but other attractions also. Here visitors will find plenty of spas, several of which belong to the largest thermal spas of Hungary. Moreover, big cities attract a great number of tourists with their lively cultural life and programmes.

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Europa (Continent)  >  Hongarije (Land)

GPS-coördinaten: Breedtegraad 47°30'8", Lengtegraad 21°17'49" (N47 30.13 - E21 17.82)

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Geografische regio's:
Hortobágy National Park  

Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg megye (county)  

Grote / grotere steden:
Debrecen Nyíregyháza Szolnok  

Kleine steden, stadjes:
Jászberény Dombrád Hajdúszoboszló Máriapócs Mátészalka Nagykálló Nyírbátor Püspökladány  

Gemeenten, dorpen:

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