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Thury Castle and the roman catholic church - Várpalota, Hungary
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Fertőd, Hungary


The Hungarian Versailles

The Hungarian Versailles

For those who would like to travel back in time to the Baroque era of the 18th century, Fertőd is the place to visit. Here they can experience this atmosphere in the Eszterházy Castle. The castle is the most important secular building complex of the Hungarian Baroque period, and was mentioned in high terms even in the then contemporary English and French travelogues. Joseph Haydn lived and worked here for twenty years as a court composer.

Fertőd, Hungary

The settlement was not always called Fertőd. Formerly known as Eszterháza, it received its present name only in 1950. The settlement used to be the property of the Kanizsay family, and then it became the estate of the Nádasdy family. After the leaders of the anti-Habsburg feudal independence movements had been sentenced, the city was joined to the imperial administration in 1671.

Fertőd, Hungary

The confiscated possessions were bought by Pál Eszterházy ten years later, and József Eszterházy started the construction of the castle in 1720. The first large-scale celebration was held in 1770, when Miklós Eszterházy presented his home to the aristocracy of Vienna. Maria Theresa, Archduchess of Austria, visited the city in 1773.

The garden of the horseshoe-shaped castle can be entered through a marvellous wrought-iron gate, and a fountain stands on the way leading to the castle. The building complex used to be surrounded by a formal garden with radial paths leading from the centre. Then in the 19th century, following the current trends, a jardin anglais was set up here.

Fertőd, Hungary

Eszterháza used to play an important role in the cultural life of the era. The festivities held in the castle, and the musical performances accompanying the gatherings of the aristocracy, represented high artistic values. The famous composer of the 18th century, Joseph Haydn spent most of his creative years in the service of Miklós Eszterházy, who was famous for his love of splendour and arts. Haydn not only wrote music, but also was a conductor. Furthermore he arranged music programmes and performed his everyday tasks associated with the musicians.

Concerts and musical events are still held in the castle offering the experience both of the Baroque environment and contemporary music. These events are highly popular.

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GPS coordinates: Latitude 47°37'17", Longitude 16°52'15" (N47 37.28 - E16 52.25)

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Esterhazy Palace - Fertőd, Hungary
Esterhazy Palace
Esterhazy Palace - Fertőd, Hungary
Esterhazy Palace
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